The second album by the Aram Shelton Quartet features six compositions that place the players in familiar and challenging territory, with an eye towards exploring the many pairings available through solos, duos, trios and the full quartet. All four members contribute narrative solos to this album, displaying their individual styles while making a collective music that is joyful, energetic, raw and poignant.  In this quartet, Shelton is joined by Chicagoans Keefe Jackson on tenor saxophone, Anton Hatwich on bass, and Tim Daisy on drums.

New You Album Cover

Arts & Sciences is a genre-bending quartet from Oakland CA. Rooted in the jazz and improvising traditions but borrowing extensively from pop song writing and old field recordings, the group features a unique instrumentation of alto and tenor saxophones, monophonic synths, vintage organs and drums as well as a variety of hand percussion and singing and maybe some dancing.

Michael Coleman, keyboards; Jacob Zimmerman, alto sax, flute, percussion; Matt Nelson, tenor sax, effects, percussion; Jordan Glenn, drums and percussion

Aram Shelton These Times Album Cover

Incline is the debut album by the duo of Kjell Nordeson and Aram Shelton. Recorded in a cabin in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, the improvisations that make up Incline are shaped by Nordeson and Shelton's musical and personal relationship, rather than incorporating predetermined melodies, structures, concepts or dogmas. The resulting music created by these two is complex and subtle, adventurous and focused.

Aram Shelton These Times Album Cover

An album of improvised duets between Kanoko Nishi on koto and Aram Shelton on soprano saxophone. The two instruments are quite different, representing wind & string families, with opposing Eastern and Western backgrounds. They share a common pitch range. Both are soloistic. The musicians explore a musical area far beyond the scope of either instruments' tradition. The resulting dialog is constantly evolving. The sound is the melody.

A download only partnered release with Candy Dinner.


Aram Shelton These Times Album Cover

Aram Shelton leads this quartet on alto saxophone & clarinet, approaching each distinctly while displaying both the large and subtle differences of the instruments. Keefe Jackson contributes on tenor saxophone with a full sound and unique approach to the utilization of extended techniques. Anton Hatwich's bass playing grounds the music and drives it in a compelling way, while Marc Riordan's drums serve as backbone to the rhythmic aspects and a frame to the open sections.

Shelton and Jackson share a rapport that makes sessions like this one sound somewhat effortless even though the collaborative energy spent to get there was obviously deep and rewarding - Derek Taylor

Last Distractions Album Cover

Berman Shelton Walter: Last Distractions

An album of improvisations by Josh Berman on cornet, Aram Shelton on soprano saxophone & bass clarinet, and Weasel Walter on drums. Recorded in the summer of 2008, this album marks the first time Berman and Walter had played together since 1991. These spontaneously structured, fast-paced dialogues move from high energy extended technique mash ups to open spaced textural noise. The acoustic timbres of the instruments are raw, warm and focused.

Shelton's bass clarinet work deserves special attention; both brash and nuanced. Invoking the music of Eric Dolphy? Certainly; but Shelton, with Walter's woolly and wild drumming, takes Dolphy to a new planet. In fact, Shelton travels to a galaxy of puzzling endgames that sort sounds into a jigsaw of styles, energies and perspectives. - All About Jazz

Ton Trio the Way

Ton Trio: The Way.

The debut album by Ton Trio and the first CD release by Singlespeed Music! Featuring Aram Shelton on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Kurt Kotheimer on bass and Sam Ospovat on drums. These six compositions by Shelton cover alot of ground from high energy freedom to compositional rearrangement.

Shelton, Kotheimer and Ospovat comprise a trio of utmost conviction. - Paris Transatlantic

Aram Shelton Arrive Live Album

The quartet of Aram Shelton (alto saxophone), Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Jason Roebke (bass), and Tim Daisy (drums). Recorded live at Elastic Arts in Chicago on December 20, 2007. This is a 4-track recording of Aram Shelton's Arrive which features 5 previously unrecorded tracks and a new interpretation of "All Dressed Up" from their 482 Music self-titled release.

Arrive Live at Elastic

Flockterkit: an invented name for a joyful and melodic music that starts with a focus on slowly changing chords with attention on harmony and orchestration. The music of Flockterkit inhabits the space between Shelton's two sides of music: acoustic improvisation and electro acoustic process-based compositions.  

Flockterkit is Aram Shelton on saxophone, Andy Strain on trombone, Caroline Penwarden on harmonium and pump organ, Kurt Kottheimer on bass, Anantha Krishnan on indian percussion and Jordan Glenn on drums.


Aram Shelton's solo electroacoustic project. The music of Settled invokes moods in a cinematic style inspired by solitary walks, rainstorms with no thunder, fog & mist, the coast, empty city streets, the woods, books & coffee, bourbon & ice, and long afternoons. A bed of sounds created using field recordings & found sounds are combined with live processing of wind instruments, and melodies evolve from the existing tones found within the structure.

Dragons Winter

Dragons 1976: Winter Break

The first release by Singlespeed Music! Dragons 1976 is the trio of Aram Shelton (alto saxophone), Jason Ajemian (bass), and Tim Daisy (drums). Founded in 2001, Dragons 1976 takes their name from the Chinese Zodiac animal which represents their birth year. This is the second of three albums so far, serving as a transition between the debut album heard on Locust Music and their most current, the 2007 release on Polish imprint MultiKulti.

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